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Unlock the Power of Play with Mr. Who's Soft Skills Saga!


Dive into a captivating world where each card is a step towards shaping your child's future. This printable set boasts two distinct decks: 20 mesmerizing character cards featuring the many facets of Mr. Who, and 10 challenge cards that bring real-world scenarios to life. Designed to nurture essential soft skills, this unique playing card set transforms problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity into an exhilarating game. With three levels of difficulty, it offers a tailored game experience that grows with your child. Whether you're a parent seeking quality bonding time or an educator aiming to make learning fun, Mr. Who's cards are your gateway to endless adventures and invaluable life lessons. Empower the next generation with skills that last a lifetime. Embark on this epic saga with Mr. Who today.

Mr.Who's Playing Cards - Soft Skills Saga

SKU: 00014
    • The card game is a digital file that you'll receive immediately upon payment as a PDF. It's ready for home printing or, if you prefer, for professional printing at a print shop.
    • For the purchase of the digital product, the purchaser receives a private license to maintain it for private use or use in any educational setting. Along with this, it is forbidden to transfer the aforementioned digital product to any third party. Transferring the product to any third party will constitute a violation of this license agreement.
    • While the digital products offered on are designed to enhance child creativity, soft skills development, and critical thinking, it is important to note that Mikulitski Creative Ventures Ltd. (MCV) cannot guarantee that the use of these tools will infallibly result in the development of specific skills in children. The products, such as experiential activity books, are intended to provide an engaging and educational experience for the child and the whole family. However, it is crucial to understand that the acquisition of these skills is a personal journey that depends on various factors beyond the mere consumption of the digital products. MCV and the authors of the books do not claim to guarantee the imparting of any specific skill, as each child's learning and development process is unique and influenced by various external and internal factors. The products aim to inspire and stimulate learning, but the actual skill development depends on the child's receptiveness, effort, and individual growth path.
    • By purchasing one of the site's products, the user agrees to all the terms of use indicated in the following link: terms of use.
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