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Two books, 10 soft skills - a developmental boost for your children.

Mr. Who's Remarkable Expeditions. Volume I - This is the inaugural book in a series that delves into a diverse array of essential skills. Dive into an enthralling experience with five captivating tales about John, who adeptly navigates daily challenges by harnessing vital soft skills indispensable for life. This volume unveils skills such as self-confidence, critical thinking, leadership, effective communication, and teamwork, all woven into John's adventures and experiences.


Mr. Who's Remarkable Expeditions. Volume II - This is the sequel in the series, continuing the exploration of vital skills. Immerse yourself in another set of five riveting stories about John, who faces daily challenges by mastering crucial soft skills. This installment introduces readers to skills like social responsibility, mediation, creativity, empathy, and interpersonal skills, all intricately tied to John's adventures.

Both volumes offer a holistic educational journey. Each book contains five engrossing tales, thought-provoking activity questions for parents and children to explore together, and enchanting coloring pages showcasing various characters from John's world.

Mr.Who's Remarkable Expeditions - Volume I & II

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    • The book is a digital book and is received immediately upon payment in the form of a PDF file, ready for printing at home or, alternatively, for professional printing at a printing house.
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    • While the digital products offered on are designed to enhance child creativity, soft skills development, and critical thinking, it is important to note that Mikulitski Creative Ventures Ltd. (MCV) cannot guarantee that the use of these tools will infallibly result in the development of specific skills in children. The products, such as experiential activity books, are intended to provide an engaging and educational experience for the child and the whole family. However, it is crucial to understand that the acquisition of these skills is a personal journey that depends on various factors beyond the mere consumption of the digital products. MCV and the authors of the books do not claim to guarantee the imparting of any specific skill, as each child's learning and development process is unique and influenced by various external and internal factors. The products aim to inspire and stimulate learning, but the actual skill development depends on the child's receptiveness, effort, and individual growth path.
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